Sunday, July 29, 2012

Project Runway or was that run away?

Some how I made the crazy decision to compete in a Project Runway styled garb making competition even though I had never entered an A&S competition before. Yes, it was a crazy decision. But it just sounded so fun, lol.

We had to bring our uncut fabric, trim, period pattern and sewing machines and make the entire outfit on site. I didn't find out until a few weeks before the event that we could have a team....Wha??? Not only did I not have any help lined up, anyone that I would have chosen to help was not planning on attending the event, or had other things going on. (like a vigil for a knighting in their household, a wedding, ya know, important things) So I competed by myself. The only other entrant was a team of 3. They made a very nice Italian Ren. I attempted to make a 14th C. bliaut.

I had made this pattern before and remembered it being fairly simple. Apparently I have a faulty memory. The lining on the bodice didn't fit in right. The sleeves gave me fits and those things delayed me enough that I wasn't able to put the skirt on correctly or hem anything. At least I got enough done that I was able to model it, since that was the judging part.

We had to model in front of HRH Amber, who asked questions and made some small talk. (I like her as far as Queens go) Then we had to model in front of the 2 judges and let them pick it apart, as judges do. They didn't like my choice of fabric although according to the rules that was not supposed to be considered. They did commend me on doing flat felled seams.

My final score was 21.5 out of 30. I was very happy with that score considering this was my first competition and that was an excellent score for a novice.

If I do this comp again next year, I will definitely get a team together. And I will stick with something truly easy, like a T-tunic or a Viking Apron!!

My bliaut

My compition's Italian

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