Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Magna Faire

Magna Faire is a kingdom level Arts and Sciences competition that has both a Peer (laurel) judged competition and a peer (open entry) judged competition. I was able to shadow judge the costuming last year and learned so much about the process of judging and what they are looking for. This year I plan to enter the Peer judged side. Hopefully I will be able to keep up with my blog as my project progresses.

To that end, I plan to make a 14th C. bliaut and cote under dress loosely based on the painting Ophelia by John Waterhouse.

The painting was actually done in the pre-Rafaelite style of the late 1800s but I have been able to document the dress to the 14th C. with a few exceptions.

I already have a scrumptiously soft cotton in light blue that I am considering using as the under dress. If I use that I will use a red or dark green linen for the bliaut. Still debating that. I do plan to include the gold guard on the bottom of the skirt as that can be documented, but the art deco stuff on the bodice is not accurate in the least. I will probably put some trim on the neckline instead and also on the sleeves. And then I will need to figure out what to do about buttons since i want to use the bottom front closure.

Dreaming, dreaming....

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